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The Oak Tree has its place in history from past to present.  In society, we waste too much time trying to solve problems from the branches and leaves instead of redirecting the energy to the roots.  When you know your history, then you will have a sense of direction. With the phrases on the apparel, people will research and educate themselves to the real history of a great race of people who contributed to the world.

For most of my early life I believed white people were superior to black people because growing up they had more and treated us like we were second class. They had special privileges, degraded black people, and murdered us when the opportunity and, thought came to their mind to dominate the races.   Growing up in a household where one parent was uneducated and an eighth-grade education, they provided to the best of their ability with many circumstances controlled or beyond their control by the environment or pressures of life. I used to say to my mother, why do we have less, why do they treat us this way, and why all the people in the Last Supper, Jesus and Mary are all white?  People as of today believe that all the Jews past and present and the people in the Bible were all white.



Hollywood and the power of the media played a tremendous part in brainwashing black people.  We the people of the world should not continue to let this occur because the ones to be affected by this will be the parents and children of the future.  Think About It: What other race of people went through and still going through what Black people had to endure? It is deeper than slavery in America. I believe the history goes all the way back to black in biblical times as it progresses to present day, especially when African history had been erased and not taught during the systematic dominance by white people.

God provided the knowledge,  perseverance, to review videos books and classes taught by Dr. George Hamilton of WORD Ministries.

“I Understand, if you don’t think I do”.



The author George G.M. James wanted to set the record straight about the ancient history of philosophy.  He knew that Egypt predated Greece by thousands of years.  Herodotus, a 5th century BC Greek historian wrote in Book II of his history that the Greeks borrowed many ideas, practices of medicine, philosophy, politics, hygiene, and architecture.  He researched philosophers who lived before Thales, Socrates and Plato. 
The Egyptian Mystery System developed writing and teaching.  Plato drew his four Cardinal virtues from the Egyptian ten.  The Four Qualities and Four Elements, the teachings of the suppose early Ionic philosophers and of Heraclitus originated from the Egyptian Mysteries.  Read Ancient Mysteries, by C.H. Vail, pg. 61. 
Pythagoras traveled to Egypt and was taught geometry by the Egyptian Priests and made to sacrifice to the Gods,before they showed him the proof of the theorem of the square on the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle.  Pythagoras did not discover this proof, and it is misleading to name the theorem after him.  Read Herodotus Book III, pg. 124; Diogenes, bk. VIII pg. 3. 
The Secrete Power Within
It Is God’s will for you to proper, and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.  John 3:2.  His Word, certain kingdom principles concerning our thoughts, attitudes, confessions, enduring faith, which will empower Christians to walk in victory over all circumstances each day. 
A faithful person shall ask, not doubt in his heart, shall believe and it will come to pass.  All we need to do is change the way we think because “What a man thinketh is very powerful.” 
We must work with God’s spiritual laws and understand how they operate.  They are:

  1. Spirit Controls Matter.

  2. Lesser Authority Yields to Greater Authority.

  3. The Mind is The Ultimate Conduit of the Spirit.

  4. is the Intermediate Conduit Between Spirit and Matter Between Greater and Lesser Authority.Speech

Eliminate the negative thoughts and practice positive confessions(thoughts).  Say and affirm boldly several times a day: “I Have A Right to be Healthy, Rich, and Happy,” according to 2 Corinthian 8:9.
Your human spirit never sleeps, it controls all vital processes and function of your body.  It knows the answer to all problems.
My Spirit knows the answer.
It is responding now.  I give thanks because I know the Holy Spirit and my spirit Knows all things and is revealing the perfect answer to me now. 

My conviction is now setting me free.

When you feel physically and mentally disturbed, the best thing you can do is relax, and Speak to your Spirit.  Tell it to take over in peace, harmony and divine order.  Your body will become normal again. 
The human spirit can be trained and strengthen Through The Study of God’s Word.  The Word of God is of the Spirit of God, for “Holy men of God spoke as they moved by the Holy Ghost” (II Peter 1:21).  Therefore, the natural mind cannot understand God’s Word. 
Bible Principles
Meditate in the Word of God.

  1. Practice the Word of God.

  2. Give First Place to the Word of God. 

  3. Obey the Voice of Your Spirit.

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